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    Hunting near Ogden

    Big Game

    Ogden has many hunting opportunities for the outdoorsman. Deer, elk, pheasant, geese, duck and grouse are the most popular game. Also, near Ogden is hunting for moose, antelope, swan, dove, quail, partridge, rabbits and even buffalo. Within a few hours drive, you can hunt rocky mountain goats, cougar, bear, wild turkeys and bighorn sheep. The links below are just a few of the places close to Ogden with public access hunting. For more information on hunting areas in Utah, look in the links section below.

    Causey Reservoir
    The land to the east of Causey Reservoir is open to public hunting, but closed to motor vehicles. To access this land, park your car at either the north or south end of the reservoir and use the trail that winds around the back.

    Liberty Trailhead
    Access is from Highway 162 through Liberty to Avon. As you pass the gun club at the north arm of the Ogden Valley and begin climbing into the mountains, the land on the west side of the road is National Forest land for about 4 miles. Hunters will find deer and occasionally elk in this area.

    Monte Cristo
    About 10 miles past the Causey Reservoir turnoff on highway 39 is National Forest Land which has public access hunting. When you see the sign for Dry Bread Pond you will be in the public hunting area. Once you pass the peak, you will have left this area. Hunting is good in this area for deer, elk and forest grouse.

    North Ogden Pass
    From the summit of north Ogden Pass, you can either choose to go south toward Lewis Peak or North towards Ben Lomond Peak. You can find deer hunting the ridges or drop down into the canyons. The well maintained trails are open to horseback and motorcycle riders, but closed to ATVs.

    Snow Basin
    The Snow Basin Ski Area is surrounded by National forest Land which is open to hunting. There are some limited roads to campgrounds, but for the most part you will have to hike in or use horses. Motorized vehicle traffic is restricted. Hunters can find deer, moose, sage grouse, blue grouse and forest grouse. Parking is available in the Snow Basin Ski Area parking lots.

    Grouse, Pheasants and Duck

    The area around Snow Basin has been the luckiest for me when looking for grouse. There are also grouse in the Monte Cristo area.

    Ogden Bay Bird Refuge
    From Ogden, go west on 12th street to access the Ogden Bay Bird Refuge. Excellent hunting for ducks, geese, swans and pheasants. There is a boat launch ramp and plenty of hunting for walkers, waders and boaters. Hunting for duck and geese is usually the best during the first week of the hunting season. Pheasants can also be found east of the north parking area and along the northern canal.

    Harold's Crane
    Located just southwest of Willard Bay, the Harold's Crane hunting unit offers great hunting for ducks, geese and sometimes pheasant. Much of the area is marsh and serious waterfowl hunters will bring a boat.


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