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    Golf in Ogden!

    Ogden is a Great Place for Golfers

    There are an incredible number of golf courses in the Ogden area for players of all levels. The best part is that you can play 9 holes on most of them for less than $15. I am not much of a golfer, but I have been to most of the courses in the area and this page will give you my take on them. This page does not list all of them, but you can follow the links at the bottom of this page for more complete lists.

    The Challenging Courses

    Mount Ogden Golf Course is located in the foothills of Ogden at the top of 30th Street. The address is 1787 Constitution Way. It is one of two Ogden City owned Golf Course and its 18 holes are are difficult to play. The view is beautiful, but narrow fairways lined with thick oak brush means that you will lose lot's of balls if you cannot hit straight. Plan on using a cart if you are not in shape because the course has lots of ups and downs.
    Phone (801) 629-0699

    Wolf Creek Resort offers a beautiful, picturesque and challenging public course. Narrow fairways lined with oak brush leave little room for error. However, for those who are up to the challenge, it is one of the prettiest courses in Utah. It is located just 20 minutes from Ogden at 2900 N Wolf Creek Dr. in Eden, UT. They specialize in corporate tournaments.
    Phone (801) 745-3737

    Glen Eagle Golf Course was designed to mimic the rolling terrain of Scottish golf courses. As beautiful as it is deceptive, you have to hit the ball straight and true if you want to avoid losing it. The 13th hole is particularly challenge. While it is only a par 3, you have to launch your ball over 90 yards of bog to hit the green. The 18th hole can also be challenging. It is a par 5, with the green on an island. It is located in Davis County at 3176 West 1700 South. They specialize in corporate tournaments.
    Phone (801) 773-4653

    Valley View Golf Course is one of the finest public courses in Utah. Located in the foothills of Davis county, it offers spectacular views of the valley and challenging terrain for palyers of all abilities. It is located in Layton at 2501 E. Gentile St..
    Phone (801) 546-1630

    The Regular Courses

    El Monte Golf Course is located at 1300 Valley Dr. in Ogden. It is one of two courses owned by Ogden City and it is a great little course for beginners. Nestled in the mouth of Ogden Canyon, Its 9 holes are mostly flat except for the last couple of holes which climb back up to the clubhouse. Wide fairways and open areas mean that your ball is safe on most holes even if you don't hit it straight. It also has a driving range.
    Phone (801) 629-0694

    Ben Lomond Golf Course is located at 1450 N Highway 89, just north of Ogden. It has 18 profesional holes on a flat layout with no hills and few hazards. Youth and Senior discounts make this a great golf course for beginners.
    Phone (801) 782-7754

    The Barn is another great course for beginners. With flat wide fairways and few hazards, it offers beautiful scenery and the chance to just relax and have fun. Located in North Ogden at 305 W Pleasant View Dr., it is easy to get to and fun to play.
    Phone (801) 782-6202

    Davis Park is a very nice public course. With a variety of terrain and features, its 18 holes provide challenges for experts and beginners alike. It is located in Davis County, just off of Highway 89 at 1074 E. Nicholls Rd..
    Phone (801) 544-0401

    Sun Hills features wide open fairways with ponds and streams on rolling hills. With few trees, its 18 holes are great for beginngers, as long as they are in shape, or have a cart. It is located in Davis County at 1165 East 3250 North. They also offer a driving range
    Phone (801) 771-4814

    Schneiterís Riverside offers 18 beautiful holes along the Weber River. Beginngers will enjoy the forgiving fairways and relatively flat terrain. It is located in Riverdale at 5460 S Weber Dr.. They also offer a driving range
    Phone (801) 399-4636

    Schneiterís Bluff offers 18 beautiful holes of golf near the Great Salt Lake. It is one of the best maintained courses in Northern Utah. It is located in Clearfield at 3500 W 300 N..
    Phone (801) 773-0731

    Par 3 Courses

    Eagle Lake offers a nice par 3 course and driving range. It is located in Roy at 2885 West 5200 South.
    Phone (801) 825-3467

    Mulligan's is my favorite little par 3 course. It is located at 1690 W 400 N.
    Phone (801) 392-4653

    Swan Lakes is a great par 3 course that also features an 18 hole championship putting green and a lighted driving range. It is located in Layton at 850 North 2200 West.
    Phone (801) 546-1045

    Comprehensive Lists of Courses

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