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    Fishing in Ogden

    Ogden offers a variety of great locations for fishing. Whether you are a small child who is just learning or a seasoned fly fisherman, Ogden has fishing that you will enjoy. Utah fishing regulations allow anyone under the age of 12 to fish without a license. Those over 12 can obtain a fishing license at any sporting goods store and at the service counters of most grocery stores.

    Fishing regulations change every year and may not be updated on this page, for current information checkout the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Fishing website, or check out the Fishing Proclamation which has all the detailed rules and regulations for fishing in Utah.

    Pineview Reservoir Map

    Located in the midst of the beautiful Ogden valley is Pineview Reservoir. Pineview is a warm water fishery which provides good fishing for bluegill, crappie, perch, bullhead catfish, and both small-mouth and large-mouth bass. For the really adventurous and experienced fisherman, there are hybrid Tiger Muskies that grow to over 3 feet in length. There is also good ice fishing for perch during December and January about 1/2 mile from the dam on the north side of the reservoir.

    Ogden River

    Running from Pineview reservoir, through Ogden Canyon and then through the center of Ogden towards the Salt Lake, the Ogden River provides excellent trout fishing. Depending upon where and how you fish, you can usually pull rainbow and brown trout out of the river in the 8" to 18" range. Cutthroat trout, Brook trout and whitefish have also been known to be caught. Worms, grasshoppers, and salmon eggs are popular baits. Black Panther Martin Spinners with yellow dots, Silver Spinners and Roostertails also are effective. Fly fishing patterns depend upon the season. Small fry and beginning anglers will appreciate fishing near Lorin Farr park in central Ogden, especially from the bridge near the stadium. More experienced anglers will want to head up the canyon.

    South Fork of the Ogden River

    Feeding into the east side of Pineview reservoir is the South Fork of the Ogden River. It starts at Causey reservoir and winds through a number of National Forest Service campgrounds. Fishing conditions are similar to those on the Ogden River.

    Causey Reservoir

    Causey reservoir is relatively small, but there is great fishing for trout, and it is one of the only places in Utah where you can fish for Kokonee Salmon. In addition, it is a popular ice fishing location. Fishing from motorized boats is prohibited, but spear fishing is allowed.

    Weber River

    Starting in the highlands of the Uinta Wilderness area, the Weber river runs through Rockport reservoir and Echo reservoir and then due west parallel to I-15. It has excellent fishing for Brown Trout and Whitefish almost anywhere within Weber Canyon. However you have to be careful because much of the river is on private land. It is also stocked regularly by the Utah Division of Fish and Wildlife, especially from the mouth of Weber canyon to Riverdale Road. Map There are turnouts along I-84 with ladders to help you get over the fence and to the river.

    Willard Bay Map

    Located just west of I-15 and north of Ogden is Willard Bay. Good fishing for walleye, channel catfish, crappie and perch. Fishing from shore off of the dyke or by trolling. Fishing is especially good here during the end of May and the first of June.

    Cold Springs Trout Farm Map

    This is one of those places where you pay for your fish by the inch. It is a great place for the family to go fishing, especially with small children. According to one of my e-mail comments, "This is much better than taking the kids fishing elsewhere for their first time and not catching anything." It is located at 2284 N Fruitland Dr in North Ogden, UT. Their phone number is (801)782-7282.

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