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    Great Places to Eat

    Ogden has some great and unique places to eat. This page is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of every restaurant in in Ogden. If that is what you want go here. What this page will do is list some of my favorite restaurants and give you a little bit of knowledge about what you can expect. For the most part, these will be locally owned rather than chains. However, if a chain is doing an exceptional job, I will list it here.


    The Pie Pizzeria (Map) is the place to go if you like large pizzas with lots of toppings. They also have a great selection of beers. It is very popular with the students at Weber State. Take out, delivery, or dine in. (801) 627-1920

    The Pizza Runner (Map) has liberal politics, but great pizza. Their marquee is always spouting some liberal word of wisdom, but they do have some of the best pizza in Ogden. Conveniently located just around the corner from the state liquor store, for those who like a little wine with their pizza. Take out and delivery only. (801) 394-4265


    The Prairie Schooner (Map) is the best steak house in town. They serve both lunch and dinner, with prices on the lunch menu ranging from $8 to $12. Dinner prices start at $11 for the Schooner Burger, up to $33 for the Lobster of King Crab.

    The Timber Mine is included here because it is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Ogden. However, our last experience was rather different. I ordered the 32 oz. Porter House steak, and it was tougher than an old tire. The meat had to be literally wrestled off of the bone. My wife ordered the Filet Mignon(medium) and Crab. The Filet was almost raw inside, so we sent it back and when it was returned, the bacon was gone and it was dripping with some sort of grease. She couldn't even eat it. We took it home and fed it to the dog. In addition, she had about eight pieces of King Crab and two of them were spoiled. We were so disappointed, we didn't even bother to complain. It was a total waste of $70. If you are in the mood for steak or crab, try the Prairie Schooner, Golden Corral, or Sizzler.


    Golden Corral (Map) is listed even though it is a national franchise. I have been to a number of Golden Corrals and they don't always get it right. Sometimes the food is bland and unappetizing. However, in Ogden, they always get it right. I have been there dozens of times and have never been disappointed. They serve all-you-can-eat steak every night, and it is very tasty. If you are on the Atkin's Diet, this place will be heaven for you.

    Old China Buffet (Map) is a reasonably priced (under $10) buffet with decent chinese food. At nights, they usually have snow crab and salmon along with their usual fare.

    Chuck A Rama is listed here as a public service, but it is not a place I could recommend. While they advertize themselves as a buffet, the company has made it clear that they are not "all you can eat". If they think a person is eating too much, they can, and have refused to continue service. If you are a big eater, you run the risk of having them publically point out that you are being a pig.


    Taco Taco (Map) is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Ogden. Located in a little strip shopping center, it doesn't look like much, but the food is tasty and authentic. They have the standard Mexican fare (tacos, burritos, tortas, etc), and for the adventurous, they have Menudo on the weekends. In addition, they have some of the best chips and salsa you will ever taste, all home made, not out of a package or bottle.

    Javier's Authentic Mexican Restaurants are locally owned with four locations (Washington Blvd.) (29th Street) (Harrisville Rd.) (Harrison Blvd.) They have great food and you will enjoy your visit with them. This is my wife's favorite Mexican restaurant.

    Rancherito's (formerly Beto's) has two locations on Washington Blvd. in Ogden (12th Street) (36th Street) and the have the best value for Mexican food in town. You can buy a giant burrito for just a little over $3. I know couples who are light eater who go there a split a burrito, and it fills them both up. Their breakfast burritos (about $3) are particularly good, and I love their 5 rolled tacos w/guacomole.

    El Matador (Map) is another great and unique Mexican restaurant. The dining room and bar are decorated so that you feel like you are in a small Mexican village. Their guacomole and chips are outstanding, and they have a full bar.


    Maple Graden (Map) serves great Chinese dishes at a resonable price. You will be very happy with the food and service here.

    Lee's Mongolian BBQ (Map) is quite good if you like lot's of meat and vegetables. Each diner selects a bowl and fills it with the meat and veggies he or she wants. They get to spice it the way they want by adding various sauces. The cook will then place their selections on his flat grill and cook them to perfection. For lunch, only one seving is allowed, but dinner is all you can eat.

    Golden Dynasty (Map) is a good little Chinese restaurant with great lunch specials.


    Dai Enko Tei (Map) is a Japanese steak house similar to Benihanas. They have a full sushi bar and serve a full range of mixed drinks. Entrees range in price from $16 for the chicken to $35 for the steak and lobster. Most entrees are in the $18 to $26 range.

    Windy's SukiYaki (Map) is a great little Japanese restaurant offering a full range of sushi. They also off private tea rooms which may reserved in advance.


    Dylan's (Map) is locally owned and operated, and they alwyas make their food fresh. A nice break from the national fast food chains.

    Jim's Burger's (12th Street) server great hamburgers and Greek food. They are just a little more expensive than the national franchises, but they are worth it.


    Rooster's (Map) offers a quite, comfortable place to relax and enjoy a meal. Lunch prices range from $7 to $13 with most sandwiches being priced around $7 and most other dishes around $10. Dinner prices range from $7 for the Brewhouse Burger to $22 for the Rack of Lamb, with most entrees priced in the $10 to $16 range.

    The Union Grill (Map) is a nice little restaurant located in the Union Station. Prices range from about $7 to $9 for sandwiches, up to $25 for the filet mignon with shrimp scampi. However, there are a number of dinner entrees in the $10 to $15 range.

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