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    Am I Prejudiced???

    by Graham Lovelady

    With racism raising its ugly head this election season, I decided to do a self evaluation to see if I am prejudiced. After long and careful thought, I came to the conclusion that I am. Oh, not against a person's race or color. However, I determined that I am prejudiced against certain cultures because of the ideas they believe and teach to their children.

    We live in a society that tends to want to value all cultures as equal, but the reality is, at least to my way of thinking, that some ideas are self destructive, while other ways of thinking tend to bring success and blessings. Here are some of the things I decided I believe.

    I believe…

    • A culture which teaches their children that a good education is the key to their future, is superior to one that does not.

    • A culture which holds people accountable for their bad behavior is superior to one that excuses bad behavior and protects those who hurt others.

    • A culture which teaches their children responsibility and diligence is better than a culture that glorifies drug and alcohol abuse.

    • A culture which teaches their children that they should not have children until they are married, and can support them financially, is superior to a culture that promotes sex without commitment and produces high numbers of single, teenage mothers.

    • A culture which tells children that with hard work and a positive attitude, they can accomplish anything, is superior to a culture that tells their children that they will never succeed because the system is rigged against them.

    • A culture which teaches their children to persevere and respond with kindness when they encounter stupid people is superior to a culture which encourages children to make those incidents defining moments in their lives.

    • A culture which teaches people to love is superior to a culture that teaches children to hate.

    • And…I believe that a culture that judges people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, or country of origin, is superior to one that judges others for superficial reasons.

    It seems like a famous Civil Rights Leader once had a dream like this. Why is it that today we cannot talk about these issues honestly and openly. I will openly admit that I am a cultural bigot, but that is not the same as being racist. Although, many will disagree after reading this. What a shame.

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