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    Biking in Ogden!

    The Ogden area has many great trails for biking enjoyment. Because most of these trails are also used by hikers and equestrians, here's a few rules of the road. Control your speed like a pro and be ready to stop in an instant. Skidding shows poor form, sloppy technique and causes needless trail erosion. Ride smoothly around corners, and master climbing without spinning your rear tire. Waterbars (made of logs, rocks, or trenches) are placed across trails to prevent erosion; riding around them undermines the trail and encourages erosion. Learn the skill to ride over them. Ride in small groups to preserve the outdoor experience for others.

    Cyclists should yield to all other trail users. When approaching hikers from ahead or behind, make your presence known and wait until they can easily move off, then slowly pass. When encountering horses, pull off the trail when meeting head-on. Keep in mind that horses can "spook" and avoid making sudden movements or loud noises. If overtaking from behind, make your presence known and ask to pass.

    This trail runs along the spine of the mountains to the east of North Ogden. One end of the rail is on the west side of Pineview Reservoir near the parking area 1 1/2 miles from the dam. The other end of the trail is at the summit of North Ogden Pass. Elevation starts at 6,184 feet and climbs to 8,100 feet and the length of the ride is 22 miles. Difficulty is moderate and the trail is also used for hiking, horses and motor bikes.

    Lewis Peak
    This trail branches off from the Skyline Trail runs west for 2.7 miles to the Lewis Peak. The shortest route to the trail is from the North Ogden Pass parking area. Difficulty is moderate and rises from 7,950 feet to 8,031 feet. Hikers, horses and motor bikes also use this trail.

    Beus Canyon
    Access this trail from the top of 46th street. It rises from 5,760 feet ending at 6,500 feet and is 7 miles long and is also used by horses and hikers. This is part of the Great Western Trail and a more difficult climb to make than some of the other trails.

    Ben Lomond
    Go to North Fork Park Campground and park near the corrals to accesses this 7 mile long trail. Beginning at 5,760 feet and ending at 8,010 feet, it is also used by horses and hikers. This is part of the Great Western Trail and the difficulty is moderate.

    This trail is accesses at Art Nord Drive below Pineview Reservoir or at Snowbasin Road. For 4.5 miles this path rises gently from 5,000 to 5,600 feet and is considered an easy climb. A part of the Great Western Trail, if is also used by horses and hikers.

    Green Pond
    Go left as you enter Snowbasin Ski Area upper parking lot and begin a 2 mile ride from 6,600 down to 6,500 feet. Also used by horses and hikers, the trail includes private property nearby which must be respected.

    Antelope Island
    Ride the 30 miles of developed trails on the island and you will be likely to see antelope, bison, and mule deer. The island is also home to bobcats, coyotes, badgers, big horn sheep and is a sanctuary for migrating birds. It is surrounded by blue water and offers spectacular views of the mountains in the distance.

    For more information contact:
    Ogden Ranger District (801) 625-5112 or
    Union Station Information Center (801) 625-5306

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