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Winter Sports


    Soccer is hot in Ogden!

    AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) is the entry level soccer organization in Weber County. It is dedicated to giving boys and girls who want to play soccer a chance to grow and develop their skills. They have open registration for a children ages 4 1/2 to 18. There are no tryouts and they strive to keep the teams as balanced as possible. Every child who plays will play a minimum of 1/2 of every game. Coaches are trained to work with children in a positive, encouraging way and good sportsmanship is a major focus.

    AYSO is primarily a volunteer organization. If you would like to volunteer, there are many way you can help. They need coaches, assistant coaches, referees, and help with a variety of administrative tasks. You can also become involved by sponsering a team or an individual child.

    If you would like to become involved and are not sure which region you are in, there is contact information on the Ogden (Region 351 ) website or at the bottom of the AYSO Region Web Page. They can answer your questions and/or refer you to the correct region for your area.

    Jr. Wildcats Soccer League is a grass roots youth recreation soccer league operating in the Ogden Utah area for kids 4-12 years of age. They have players and coaches from Weber State University Men's and Women's soccer team running soccer clinics throughout the year.

    Competitive Soccer

    For players who are past the beginning stages, there is the Utah Youth Soccer Association. They have state and local competitive leagues for ages U10 through U19. At the state level, teams are assigned to divisions based upon their records.

    Teams are formed on an invitation only basis. This means that your child will have to be invited to play on a team by the coach, or win a spot on the team during annual tryouts. However, sometimes you can call a coach at just the right time (when they need someone) and get your child a spot on the team.

    Ogden is in District 4. Contact them for information on teams in your child's age group or information about tryouts.

    Indoor Soccer

    Indoor soccer has also become wuite popular in recent years. There are two indoor soccer facilities in Ogden. Ogden Indoor Soccer is located on 12th street in Ogden and Ulitimate Indoor Soccer is located on 1900 West in West Haven. Both facilities offer youth and adult soccer leagues.

    Adult Soccer

    Weber County Recreation offers Men's, Women's and Coed Leagues in both the Spring and Fall. There are also a number of Hispanic Leagues that play on Saturday and Sunday, But no contact information is available of them.

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