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    Oggy the Dinosaur sez: You can't help but love Ogden!

    Nestled against the Wasatch Front on the west flank of the Rocky Mountains is a little bit of paradise called Ogden, Utah.  Ogden has everything that a person could ask for. It is far enough from the big city to offer country living, and yet close enough for those who yearn for sophisticated culture.

    Ogden is especially attractive for those who enjoy sports and the outdoors. Two rivers run right through town and within 30 minutes of here you can find almost any kind of wildlife including deer, moose, elk, ducks, geese, swans and even mountian lions.  Within close proximity is fishing for trout, bass, catfish, walleye, pike, bass, whitefish, perch, crappie and blue gill. Ogden also has some of the most spectacular mountain trails and views imaginable. Everything from mountian lakes surrounded by pine forests to desert sunsets. It is a paradise for campers, hikers, cyclists, birdwatchers, fishermen, hunters and horseback riders. It is also world renowned as one of the best places on earth for snow skiing! The 2002 Winter Olympics are being held in this area!

    Culture is also an important part of the Ogden scene. There are many museums which bring our history to life. In addition, Ogden offers theatre, symphony, ballet, opera and much more for those who are culturally minded. For party lovers, there is also a thriving night life in Ogden.  Many people assume Utah is a "dry" state, predominantly Mormon (LDS), and that there is very little to do here. The truth is that there is so much to do here, you barely have time for it all! And you don't have to be Mormon to live in and enjoy Utah or Ogden. There is a very strong Evangelical Christian community, as well as a great diversity of other religions.

    Whether you live in Ogden, are visiting, relocating, or just passing through, there is much to see and do. We hope that these pages will help you find those things which are of interest to you. Just look for a topic in the sidebar that you want to know more about and click on it!

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